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Album Reviews : Scott Hull – Audiofilm I

By on February 6, 2009

In my frustration at Red Eye still not having the new Cattle Decapitation album, I picked up a single by one Scott Hull, whom you may know as the guitarist for Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed or, at one point, the infamous Anal Cunt. You may not, however be familiar with his solo work, so let me prepare you, it isn’t metal, it’s not grindcore, it’s not anything like Pig Destroyer, Anal C*nt or Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Got that?

Now, please bear this in mind too, this single contains just one track but it is 12 minutes long, however, if you like the sound of it, I recommend you buy the album, rather than the single, as the single will set you back $20.

Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned contrary to what you might expect, Hull‘s solo work fits best into the genre of ambient music. Thought that is something of a misnomer, because ambient seems to call to mind birds and waterfalls. In contrast ‘Audiofilm I’ would be most appropriate to the soundtrack of a psychological horror movie, sharp twists and jumps in the otherwise calm but chilling score make for an interesting listen.

The entire song is created using synths and sound effects, so perhaps it could be better described as a soundscape. For 12 minutes, you can imagine the fear in someone’s eyes as they walk through a deserted street, a darkened moor. At intervals, what sounds horribly like whispering voices can be heard, particularly effective when heard over haunting chimes.

For the last third of the piece, distorted, angry sounding voices can be heard, while regular clashes, as though made by some futuristic cymbal, break the chill (at these moments you can imagine the flicker of a shadow, movement from the corner of your eye). It’s downright spooky in parts.

Hull‘s chilling soundscape, isn’t exactly the sort of thing you’d have playing in your car, or the sort of thing you’d listen to again and again, it has, however, achieved what it set out to do, create an extremely spooky atmosphere. For what it is, it’s quite simply, mind-blowing. 8.5/10

For fans of: Karl Sanders

Band: Scott Hull (of Pig Destroyer)
Album: Audiofilm I
Year: 2009
Genre: Ambient/Soundtrack
Label: Crucial Blast
Origin: Virginia

Audiofilm I (12.37)

Reviewed by Tris