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Album Reviews : Paindivision – One Path

By on November 24, 2008

Paindivision hail from Sydney and are on the cutting edge of heavy metal in Australia. Influencing elements of grunge, thrash and all out balls metal, giving this package of a band quite a punch in their delivery.

Formally named 20grams by lead guitarist and founder Stu Marshall, whom also played a big part in Dungeon, another great Australian metal act. Shortly after 20grams become of age they changed their name to what we know as Paindivsion, and the name suites them quite well.

The band have had great success thus far supporting big metal acts such as Helloween and Zakk Wylde, building their already big reputation within Australia, Japan and various other countries across the globe.

The new album from Paindivision entitled “One Path” is bloody impressive, not only with it’s production value, but structure and variety. The album is like a mixed bag of lollies offering the listener the chance to indulge in some very creative and impressive music which ranges both in its intensity and consistency. The main emphasis of the album is traditional heavy metal, but throughout the album you’ll come across moments where you’ll think you were listening to Pantera, Alice in Chains or even Anthrax, which gives you a glimpse of the variety of music which this band can produce.

The album starts off with a Japanese introduction, which to my knowledge have no idea what is said. Regardless, it sets the mood of the album and quickly throws you into the bands first meaty single, “Flames of the Reaper” which has already had raving reviews from various other metal website and fans alike. The whole album is arranged perfectly and flows quite nicely with its chunky riffs, soaring vocals and well structured musicianship on all fronts.

I was very impressed with the sheer level of variety in the album, no two songs are alike. Stu Marshall has always been known to pull off some pretty memorable solos in his time, and this time round he doesn’t disappoint. Lead singer, Jordan Howe has an amazing vocal range, which ranges from a sheer high pitch scream, which is ever so similar to Bobby Blitz of Overkill, to the soulful yet melodic ranges of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Layne Stanley (Alice in Chains, Mad Season) respectively.

The band as a whole do great things, and have created in my eyes one of Australia’s top albums of 2008. With all this praise though I’m sure your thinking to yourself, there must be some negative aspect to this album, but I clearly can’t see any.

Also included on the album is the famous Accept cover “Balls to the Wall“, which is both fitting to the bands image and sound. Also included is a live version of “Unchain Me” which was recorded on their tour of Japan, yet I didn’t have the privilege to listen to it as I only had the promotional version of the album which seemed to have this live track missing.

I’d also like to mention the great instrumental track “The Victory March”, which is left in the capable hands of Stu Marshal. It has a quaint and unique Australian charm in its intro and burst with an energetic and uplifting solo throughout. Its a great finisher to an already solid and amazing album.

This album is truly worth it’s small price tag, and I urge you all to pick it up and check it out.

It’s hard to come across great albums like this Australia, let alone the rest of the world since there seems to be a mass infestation of garbage out there, and everyone seems to be eating up the same crap over and over again.

However, this new album from Paindivision is a breath of fresh air, not only does it satisfy various tastes, but it has a production value that could easily rival some of the bigger names in the metal world today. 9/10

Band: Paindivision
Album: One Path
Year: 2008
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash
Label: Riot
Origin: Australia

1. The Gates of Ashen Wake
2. Flames of the Reaper
3. Face It
4. Beyond The Pain
5. Nightmare
6. Wasting Life
7. One Path
8. Of Flame and Fury
9. Balls to the Wall (Accept cover)
10. The Victory March
11. Unchain Me (Live in Japan)


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