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Album Reviews : Monoliyth – Imminent Demise

By on November 15, 2008

When the word Monolith comes to mind, you automatically think of a dominating mountainside which both intimidates and consumes the people below. The same context can also be used to describe the sound and velocity of the band with the same name, yet spelled Monoliyth.

Monoliyth are a relatively new band to the local metal scene, yet have had pretty steady success with past EPs and local gigs throughout the Melbourne area, more so with the familiarity of former members being in the once great and short lived band, Dark Earth. Whom also had a very successful run with the local metal scene afew years back. Monoliyth wear their inspiration proud on their sleeves, with the bands sound and style very reminiscent to such bands as Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy, yet infusing their own unique blend of brutality to the mix.

The band first started from humble beginnings in the world of thrash metal and soon evolved their sound to a much more darker and brutal climax, which is what you’ll find on their latest onslaught to the masses “Imminent Demise“,  which was released earlier this year independently. The album is an 8 track assault on the senses which blends both apocalyptic and demonic values, and showcases the close knit musical bond of brothers Brian and James, with bass work from Skany, who’s sound is very close knit in its similarity to Alex Webster (Bass) of Cannibal Corpse fame, and of course the ferocious chunky guitar riffs of Mick, whom also is the brainchild of Monoliyth.

The over all feel of the album has a similarity to recent Cannibal Corpse material, “Kill” and “Gore Obsessed” to name just afew examples, with both musicianship and layering having an over all similar aspect. It clearly shows that Cannibal Corpse are the main influence behind this bands over all feel and inspiration, and it comes off quite well without sounding like their trying to join the band wagon by ripping off every aspect of Cannibal Corpse‘s respected and well known way of playing.

I was quite impressed with the multiple layering throughout the album, even if many would see it as a low production album. In a sence it is, but the difference between Monolityh and many other brutal death metal bands around today is,  Monoliyth know what their doing when in the studio.

The album is a valiant effort by the boys on the peninsula. It boasts exceptional production value, even for an independent release which hints to the fact of what to expect from these lads in the future, if they get the potential and chance to do great things with what they have at the moment.

I must digress though, I’m not one of the biggest death metal fan on the planet, all for afew expectations of course, but I did quite enjoy this album. It both stimulated my daily intake of brutal death metal and really showcases the raw energy and musicianship of Australian talent when great musicians get together to write good music, even if most closed minded people think that death metal’s lyrical content is about raping nuns with chainsaws and nothing else.

The album is powerful from start to finish and doesn’t miss a beat with its on par of brutality.

If you get the chance, pick up Imminent Demise and give it a whirl, I’m sure you’ll be quite impressed with the finished result. The album can be purchased from Metal Mayhem, or through Monolyith‘s Myspace which is shown below. 6.9/10

For fans of: Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Deicide

Band: Monoliyth
Album: Immanent Demise
Year: 2007/2008
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia

1. Imminent Demise
2. Slaughtered
3. Foreplay Aftermath
4. Intimate With The Dead
5. Internal Decay
6. Mutilation
7. Beyond Recognition
8. Lust Til Death


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