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Album Reviews : Eagles of Death Metal – Heart On

By on November 13, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal’s latest offering, Heart On, gives us pretty much what you’d expect from the boys. You know its not something to listen to provoke thought.. its something you wanna listen to to increase your chances of getting laid. It helps if you have a lady near by mind you.. as this is the music you’ll listen to to get in the mood for lovin.

Josh Homme (Queens of the stone age) and his handlebar mustachioed friend Jesse Hughes have written another record of old school fun rock. If you’re reading this cos you thought it was a death metal band, this probably wont interest you.. but feel free to keep reading just in case.. you never know.

Ok. It wont. Maybe you can try this though. Go on…

So this album does follow on well from 2004’s Peace, love, Death Metal. From the word go the sleazly rock that is Eagles of Death Metal oozes onto your stereo with ‘Anything ‘cept the Truth‘. The infectious drum beat will have you clapping along, before Hughes starts his vocals. You can tell by the way he sings that he’s got two really big balls. Well, either that or he’s got no balls and he’s just overcompensating. Either way… good opener! ‘Wanna be in LA‘ is a little experimental.. tribal moans, before the danceable beat kicks in once more. This was the lead single.. don’t wanna come off sounding like I know more than a record exec who gets paid shitloads and who helps chose the singles.. but wtf? Crap choice guys. Average track. 2 down.. One good one bad.

(I Used to Couldn’t Dance) Tight Pants continues the equivalent of sex on CD. 3 songs in, and the thing that leaps out at me is that you really need to be in the mood for this album. Luckily I am.. but it could easily come off as shit otherwise. Its almost like taking the piss, but not in a way that say Tenacious D would go about it.. proper songs.. just songs that are fun. ‘High Voltage‘ brings down the fat beats, with Outcast-esque vocals, is fitting for a sleazy strip-club, while maintaining a degree of balls out rock. Some how that’s meant to come off as a compliment. Trust me on that one. 4 songs down, 3 good, 1 bad.. things are looking up!

Secret plans‘ features more simple riffs and danceable drums beats, before ‘Now I’m a Fool‘ slowly builds up. It seems almost out of place. It has that danceable aspect to it.. but seems as close to a serious song as these guys can manage! I’m trying to find something bad to say about the song.. but its fucking addictive.. the simpleness is great. Reminds me of a sexed up ‘More news from nowhere‘ by Nick Cave.

The title track features Rolling Stones-esque riffs, a ‘good’ track.. but ya know.. 7 songs in.. and 7 songs sounding nearly the same. Time for a bit of a change up? Cheap Thrills has more of the groove.. a slight change up. A more experimental feel to the track. But pretty fucking close to being more of the same. Ok.. not experimental in a good way. Too repetitive. Skip!

How can a man with so many friends feel so alone‘. Had high hopes for this track. And really its close, but… not. Missed by one. 9 tracks in.. lost count of the ratio from good to bad.. but its getting closer.

The album finishes off with Solo flights, Prissy Prancin’, and I’m Your Torpedo. Solo Flights gets the thumbs up for lyrics like “Nobody does me like I do, I’m just a one man operation” and “No one’s gonna hold my hand, it’s got a full-time occupation. I close my eyes and picture you”. That’s deep.. so deep! Prissy Prancin features Hughes falsetto vocals.. I’m getting the feeling the last half is pretty much filler. I’m your Torpedo starts up.. and again has potential. Fun drums, danceable beat, and the sleazy vocals are back. A little experimental.. throwing in some weird sounds. Is this them attempting ‘different’? Who knows, fuck it, its a good way to end the album though.

So the albums over, with the good tracks (7), beating out the filler (5). A little too close for comfort. Its got some quality danceable rock on the album to sleaze out to. Certainly check it out if you’re having a party sometime, or want some good tunes to chill with a beer. The good outweigh the bad, check it out!


Band: Eagles of Death Metal
Album: Heart On
Genre: Rock
Label: Inertia/Downtown
Origin: USA


1. Anything ‘Cept the Truth
2. Wanna Be In L.A.
3. (I Used To Dance) Tight Pants
4. High Voltage
5. Secret Plans
6. Now I’m A Fool
7. Heart On
8. Cheap Thrills
9. How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone
10. Solo Flights
11. Prissy Prancin’
12. I’m Your Torpedo


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