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Album Reviews : Worms of the Earth | The Surrogate – Split EP

By on September 10, 2008

Worms of the Earth
Worms of the Earth – interesting name, interesting music? What we have here is a mix of a few different styles – Progressive Death Metal no doubt, more than a hint of droning Stoner Metal, and also some doomy nuances worked in well throughout.

The harsh (hardcore/deathcore call it what you will) vocals are well suited to the music, and the execution of said vocals by front man Rob Allen is acceptable, but my aural unease about them stems from the raspy recording that has been offered to me. It sounds a little lacking, or perhaps reserved is a better description – as if his voice can indeed contain a bit more sheer power, but went missing on the day.

With hints of some technical riffage early and continued throughout, the song ‘Light / The Quell’ is probably the highlight of their half of the record. With a slightly heavier sound overall, the progressively haunting guitar effects that close the song really finish off the recording and leaves that progressive feeling pulsating through your veins.

The Surrogate

Immediately, with a distorted guitar pattern, I begin to think its more music from Worms of the Earth, but at about 40 seconds in when a more rock sounding guitar joins in with an off beat drum pattern, The Surrogate come into their own.

With changing tempos a feature of the bands music, unexpected black metal / deathcore vocals are introduced during the interlude after the intro to their first track ‘The Collapse’. Interesting indeed, but the feeling of awkwardness immediately came to mind during the slower sections. This ‘worry’ of mine quickly wore away as the song picked up tempo and after a short time I was easily converted into being a fan of these straggly apt vocals.

The Surrogate continue on with a similar feeling, and with added indie rock passages courtesy of different guitar tones here and there, the bands music draws towards a different musical interest of mine – that being Post-Metal/Experimental styles of music, with passionate build ups and cascading crescendo being the order of the music.

I must say that by the end of The Surrogate’s three songs, I immediately wanted to go and see them live, for to experience this music in person must be quite breathtaking. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Explosions in the Sky, Pelican, Isis etc.

Band: Worms of the Earth, The Surrogate
Album: Split EP
Year: 2008
Genre: Stoner Doom, Progressive Metal.
Label: Test Subject Records
Origin: Australia

Track Listing

Worms of the Earth
1. The Lull / Anew
2. Clouds / Sand
3. Light / The Quell (Reviewers Choice)

The Surrogate

4. The Collapse
5. The Void
6. The Endless (Reviewers Choice)