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Album Reviews : Various Artists – The Euphony Fusion

By on August 28, 2008

Here is a review of ‘The Euphony Fusion‘ – a free Australian Metal Compilation created by Welkin Entertainment. A limited number of copies are available at the conclusion of all OPETH AUSTRALIAN TOUR events.

Distribution gigs:
Tuesday, September 2: OPETH @ Metro City, Perth
Thursday, September 4: OPETH @ The Barton Theatre, Adelaide
Friday, September 5: OPETH @ The Palace Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday, September 6: OPETH @ The Big Top, Sydney
Sunday, September 7: OPETH @ The Arena, Brisbane

Vespers Descent (WA) – Deciever
To begin this Compilation CD courtesy of Welkin Entertainment, an interesting drum beat and distorted guitars – and most importantly a much improved sound for Vespers Descent. This track of their 2008 EP ‘Reality Dysfunction’ brings together clear influence from Gothenburg which rivals co-melodeath leaders from Perth Pathogen and Chaos Divine as the leader of said local scene.

While nothing really new to the table for the genre, the production is excellent and this teaser makes me want to fly to Perth just to see them. Keep an eye out for their next release!

For fans of: At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity

Ne Obliviscaris (VIC) – Forget Not
What new can possibly be said of Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris? The bands debut demo ‘The Aurora Veil’ received acclaim far and beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and this track shows beautifully why!

With a nice acoustic intro to the song, we set off on a journey. As each instrument added to the song, the pressure gradually builds up until the double kick of Dan Presland takes you into progressive black metal splendour! Duelling harsh/clean vocals complements each other very well, and the inclusion of the violin as a ‘second guitar’ takes Ne Obliviscaris to a new level.

For fans of: Opeth, Ikuinen Kaamos, Virgin Black

Be’lakor (VIC) – Tre’aste
Taking inspiration from the grandeur in nature, Be’lakor out of Melbourne play an atmospheric brand of Melodic Death Metal. Recently signed to Dutch Label ‘Descent Productions’, the highly addictive guitar melodies of Tre’aste work hand in hand with the downcast Piano’s used in a completely ‘un-cheesy’ manner.

Vocals delivered by front man George Kosmas are definitely some of the most powerful and direct death growls I’ve heard in Australia and one of a handful of newer Aussie metal bands that I can see really going places.

For fans of: Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth.

Separatist (TAS) – Anaclasis
Lately, anyone who knows me will probably be sick of hearing me rave on about Separatist. The Tasmanian 5 piece and their powerful ‘Black Dahlia Murder’ inspired Death Metal has impressed many in the local scene with their debut record titled ‘The Motionless Apocalypse’.

The scene, albeit small, is very strong down in Tasmania – and Separatist should convince you of this!

For fans of: Black Dahlia Murder, Psycroptic, Skinless

Nevetherym (NSW) – Hourglass
Think a mix of doomy goth and folk metal, and that’s what you will receive in the 6 minute package called Hourglass, delivered by Nevetherym. With quite a heavy guitar foundation, the harmonising folky violin melodies work delightfully together in a song that in the majority is instrumental.

When the vocals do appear, the sometimes growling, sometimes clean vocal attack leaves me interested and impressed by the death growls, however I’m left a little wanting with his clean vocal work which needs refining before their next release.

For fans of: Moonsorrow, Opeth, Ne Obliviscaris, Ikuinen Kaamos.

Fearscape (NSW) – Abaddon Destroyer
The image I held of NSW’s Fearscape was that they would be a prog/power band. So imagine my delight when out comes a (newer) Enslaved-esque sound. Mighty impressed indeed I’ll say!

My main reason in drawing an Enslaved comparison lies with the vocals. Black/Death metal styled screams and growls balance out with the progressive black metal music on offer. Looking forward to hearing more from this band.

For fans of: Enslaved, Pantokrator, Opeth

Frankenbok (VIC) – This Monster My Son
As a German front man once said in the 1980’s “You’ve got your ball to the wall man”, Melbourne’s Frankenbok have gone some way to achieving a similar feat! Playing some straight out heavy metal, the five-piece throw together soaring guitar solo’s thrash inspired vocals to produce this rocking tune. Not exactly my thing I’ll admit, but certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of thrashy metal.

For fans of: Pantera, Dreadnaught, Motorhead

Dred (NSW) – Sea to Summit
Joining Separatist on this compilation in the Technical Death genre comes Sydney’s Dred. The first thing that strikes me is the tight as sound they have produced. Following an interesting song design, the band keeps things going with nice technical melodies, crushing riffs and a few guitar solos. The heavy death growls come in short sharp bursts and are well executed.

For fans of: Necrophagist, Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Five Star Prison Cell

Black Asylum (NSW) – 12 Gauge Judas
Creating a Death infused Thrash Metal sound; Black Asylum’s homage to past bands such as Pantera is clearly there for all to see. The somewhat harsher than expected vocals are to my liking, especially when merged with the cleaner version as seen a couple of times in this song. The distorted riffs keep the song ticking along for the 3 and a bit minutes – any longer and to be honest, I think I’d begin getting quite bored.

For fans of:
Pantera, Soilwork, Lamb of God

The Furor (WA) – Supreme Righteous Mauling
A powerful black metal sound greets my ears, and pleases them further when an unexpected Slayer-esque lick of a solo appears over the top at stages throughout the track. The vocal production is left a little lacking, be it deliberate black metal styled or accidental, but the lack of sheer power in the vocals is disappointing as the music (a little muted aswell) serves well with its bone crushing severity. Keep an ear out for the impressive drumming!

For fans of: Immortal, Burzum, Slayer

Crimsonfire (VIC) – The Age of Aquarius
After a somewhat boring intro, “The Age of Aquarius” really picks up when the vocals come in with some fantastic catchy vocal melodies. This six minute track is full of great melodic power metal guitars, well written drums that follow along with the music nicely and the occasional hints of prog. To top it off, there is a great section in the middle where the guitars and keys both have a few very solid solo’s happening.

This track is a good example of well written, extremely melodic power metal that doesn’t sound overly cheesy.

For fans of: Freedom Call, Winterborn.

Scar the Surface (VIC) – Suffer the Penalty
Combined screaming and clean vocals stand out in this effort by Melbourne Melodic Metallers Scar the Surface. With a double kick going throughout the majority of the song, the band brings the modern melodic metal sound to the table. I said the vocals stand out, but for different reasons in my ears. Big fan of the cleans which is done very well and controlled, not so of the screams which sound quite generic…an also ran.

Riff wise, the song while not groundbreaking is done very well and I am enjoying it quite some. They seem to have caught a sense of emotion in the way the song builds up until the end of the song where it peters away. It’s done in a similar way as Amon Amarth capture their sound – however I must stress they are of different styles no doubt.

For fans of: Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive

Spasticator (VIC) – Drums Of Doom
With almost Anathema style vocals to begin with (given my small exposure to said band); albeit with a bit harsher feel about them, Melbourne Spasticator brings us ‘Drums of Doom.’ Musically, the band combines an ‘early metal’ influence with a chugging Death metal intensity. I wouldn’t say they are anything special, however it’s enjoyable to listen to and I’d say I would gladly rock out in a live scenario.

For fans of: Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Rotting Christ

Cuntscrape (WA) – Cactus Sack
Grindcore meets Death Metal meets comical names à la ‘Fuck…I’m Dead.’ Generally I’m not a fan on a record, however live I find great enjoyment. Cuntscrape is no exception to this.

Nothing new standouts out with music or vocals, with a number of bands before them doing the same, however it is enjoyable enough in an ‘I’ve had too much beer but I want more still’ kind of way!

For fans of: Fuck…I’m Dead,

Ironwood (NSW) – The Raven Song
To end the compilation we have here an interesting band for the Australian metal scene. Bringing clear influence from folk music (not necessarily folk metal though), Haunting vocals capture the ‘winter forest campfire’ feeling, with the acoustic guitar heightening this effect.

With a new album in the works, Ironwood seems to be a unique player in the Australian scene and definitely one to look out for.

For fans of:
Falkenbach, Moonsorrow, Manegarm, Tyr

Band: Australian Metal Compilation
Album: The Euphony Fusion
Year: 2008
Genre: Compilation
Label: Welkin Entertainment
Origin: Australia

Reviewed by Brendan Amos and Mitch Booth