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Album Reviews : Double Dragon – Devastator

By on July 30, 2008

Double Dragon, a mainstay of the Adelaide live metal scene, has just released their debut full length titled ‘Devastator’ to the masses – and an excellent debut indeed. Like many before them, the band have fused together the sounds of Gothenburg (In Flames, At The Gates etc) with the new wave of American Heavy metal (Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage etc), and have come out with an album that many will enjoy.

While originality may not come in droves on this recording, the execution in the fusion of styles is delivered with vigour and enthusiasm, with the catchy as hell riffs and vocal lines making it an album that will gladly stick in your head – see ‘Beneath The City of Churches’ for proof of this!

Vocals, as provided by front man Lee Gardiner, are very strong and delivered with such passion that even the most unenergetic crowd could explode into a moshpit. The twin guitar attack made up of a cleaner lead guitar sound delivering plenty of solo’s, and backed up by a heavily distorted riff machine, is probably the thing I enjoy most on ‘Devastator’. Some of the melodies created will etch their way permanently into your mind within a couple of listens.

Another interesting aspect to the album is the inclusion of some ballad passages (‘Breathing Fire’) that are quite reminiscent of Melbourne’s Vanishing Point. This was an unexpected yet very pleasant surprise in the album for me. The only real downside I see here though undoubtedly lies with the album’s production. While it’s clean and streamlined, it is also lacking crunch and power at times, I felt that the lower end sound was held back and detracted from the listen.

In summary, Double Dragon has produced an excellent debut, and if they can continue this standard of song writing, then they are well on their way to Australia-wide domination. 7.5/10

For fans of: Lamb of God, In Flames, Pathogen, Truth Corroded

Band: Double Dragon
Album: Devastator
Year: 2008
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Label: Truth Inc. Records
Origin: Australia

1. Straight Into Hell
2. The Possessed
3. Beneath This City of Churches (Reviewer’s Choice)
4. This Plague Bears Your Name
5. Black Sails of Armageddon
6. Choose Your Poison
7. Breathing Fire
8. The Skulls of Fallen Conquerors
9. Prelude for the Damned
10. Devastator