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Album Reviews : Power Quest – Master of Illusion

By on July 21, 2008

The initial start of the album is great as it open with ‘Cemetery Gates’. A catchy upbeat keyboard intro sets the mood and introduces us to vocalist Alessio Garavello.  The first track is a nice relaxing melodic track with moments of upbeat and fast drumming which mixes things up. Guitar work from Andrea Martongelli and lead singer Alessio offer some very soulful and melodic moments.

Each song has its own blend of great musicianship and will leave a lasting impression on the listeners ears.  Listening to the album I can hear many similarities with other melodic power metal bands such as Stratovarius, Freedom Call and Dragonland. Thankfully, Power Quest have forged a sound which is very unique while still redefining the genre to offer a more complex sound to the hardcore listener.

For any fan of traditional melodic power metal you’ll easily fit into this albums form and rediscover a genre which has been ever growing and redefining itself since the late 80’s. The album also sports a list of guest musicians, such as Jørn Viggo Lofstad (Jorn), Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Nightfall, Septic Flesh) who offer a great blend into the bands already definitive sound.

Furthermore as a bonus, Power Quest do their take on the Megadeth track “Reckoning Day”. I personally have not heard this bonus track as I only received the promo version but judging by their already definitive sound Power Quest will do justice to this time less thrash classic.

I was quite surprised though with the selection for a final song. Many melodic power metal bands tend to go for a power ballad or slow melodic song to finish off an album, yet Power Quest have gone completely the other way and finished with a fast attacking end result.

I have to be alittle negative though.  The album is great but at times throughout the keyboards tend to drag and overpower the album. Having said that it still doesn’t tarnish the great sound which Power Quest have created on their new album.7/10

For fans of: Dragonland, Stratovarius, Freedom Call, Sonata Arctica

Band: Power Quest
Album: Master of Illusion
Year: 2008
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Origin: United Kingdom

Track Listing:
1. Cemetery Gates
2. Human Machine
3. Civilised?
4. Kings Of Eternity
5. Master Of Illusion <- Reviewers Choice
6. The Vigil
7. Save The World
8. Hearts And Voices
9. I Don’t Believe in Friends Forever
10. Never Again
11. Reckoning Day (Megadeth Cover)


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