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Album Reviews : Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – Tiny Fragments EP

By on July 7, 2008

My first reaction to hearing this album was, “wow, this is some seriously funky shit right here.” My second reaction was “actually this is pretty awesome.” And my third reaction is…

It is a mind-blowing experience the first time you hear the sounds that West Australia’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving have pulled together. Taking from many directions in the music world for their debut EP, the band has created a mass fusion of genre’s including Jazz, Metal and Post rock. The music created here is a look into the thoroughly unique minds of the band, made up of Aaron Pollard (Piano, Synth, and Vocals), Andrew McDonald (Guitar), James Hoey (Drums) and Luke Pollard (Bass, Samples).

With this EP, the band has taken a daring improvised approach to its recording. Walking into the studio with only a handful of ideas on where the recording would end up, they improvised the rest to finish with nearly 20 minutes of very interesting music – and I applaud them for taking such an approach to their music.

The bold contrast between droning distorted guitars and lounge room jazz passages throughout the EP is something, in hindsight, I never thought I would hear. It is also something that I never thought could work. However, it does, and it does magnificently. I’ve coined the term ‘Industrial Cruise Ship Jazz’ for this music, for this is the imagery I take from the music. It’s something both P&O Cruises and Tool would endorse, which really is a laughable suggestion, but the interchanging passages of music are such that this is possible! Extra credit for a hint of a Sigur Ros sample at the end of track 2!

Vocals are rarely used on the EP, though they do appear towards the end of the opening track in the form of harsher raspy styled vocals. This works effectively with the withdrawn chugging guitars and haunting samples.

In summary, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving offer an eclectic mix of genres forming a very diverse sound. So many people could find delight in this band’s music. 7.5/10

For fans of: Solefald, Isis, Explosions in the Sky, Opeth, Sigure Ros, sleepmakeswaves, Pelican, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or any form of Jazz

Band: Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
Album: Tiny Fragments
Year: 2008
Genre: Progressive/Experimental
Label: Independant
Origin: Western Australia, Australia

Track Listing:
1. Tiny Fragments Part One
2. Tiny Fragments Part Two
3. Tiny Fragments Part Three
4. The Banshee <– Reviewers Choice