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Album Reviews : Mötley Crüe – Saints Of Los Angeles

By on July 2, 2008

One of the most notorious L.A. glam rock bands Mötley Crüe, return to the studio from a near decade of hiatus with their 9th full length album entitled “Saints of Los Angeles”, with the original line up still intact.

Numerous tales of debauchery and drug abuse have surrounded the band for several years and have fluently been told in a plethora of autobiographies and media hype.

Now these stories come full circle as the band endeavor to tell their own tale of the sleazy and rebellious roles that they once played in the L.A. glam rock scene through the eighties in this dazzling new album. The album is nostalgic and showcases that the band can still play decent hard rock music in an age of synthetic sounds and plastic singers.

The band offers hard and hitting tracks, such as “Motherf*cker of the Year” and “Saints of Los Angeles”, while still offering soulful and melodic ballads such as “The Animal In Me”, which tells the tale of Nikki Sixx’s passed heroin addiction.

The album showcases the rock royalties glam rock roots and takes us on a trip down memory lane of a time once innocent to some, but still keeps a certain definitive position in the hard rock scene of today with the heavy hitting drums of Tommy Lee, and the hard rock guitar styling of Mick Mars.

This album is a great trip down memory lane for any fan of glam rock music. I found it hard to perceive that such a band could still write such music in a state that they were once in, but as past rock bands have shown with the same motif, anything can happen in the rock world…and it usually does.

I personally found this album to be very radio friendly, holding down a lot of cliché riffs and drum beats which are ever so familiar in a genre today, but still keeps a fresh approach to it all. Having said that, it still shows that after so many years of drug abuse, countless acts of debauchery and numerous run ins with the law that Mötley Crüe can still rock, but for how much longer? 6/10

Band: Motley Crue
Album: Saints of Los Angeles
Year: 2008
Genre: Rock
Label: Motley Records
Origin: USA

Track Listing:
1. L.A.M.F.
2. Face Down In The Dirt
3. Whats It Gonna Take
4. Down At The Whiskey
5. Saints Of Los Angeles <- reviewer’s choice
6. Mutherf*cker Of The Year
7. The Animal In Me
8. Welcome To The Machine
9. Just Another Psycho
10. Chicks = Trouble
11. This Ain’t A Love Song
12. White Trash Circus
13. Goin Out Swingin’


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