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Album Reviews : Judas Priest – Nostradamus

By on June 30, 2008

Judas Priest bring forth once again a sonic assault on the senses with their new double disc concept album, a first for the band, entitled, ‘Nostradamus’. The album is sorely based around the works of the 16th century French prophet of the same name who predicted such prophecies as the rise of Adolf Hitler, the French revolution and of course the 9/11 attacks in America.

The album is a narrative piece which takes the listener through time and space and showcases to the world the works of the prophet’s predictions of war, pestilence and the future of the human race. The album itself is structured well, but at some points its hard to judge when a song has finished or started since the whole album is continuous in its play. This minor detail however has not tarnished the purity of the album, as this album is a story, and needs to be told in its entirety for the listener to fully understand its concept.

The first track, “Dawn of Creation” sets an eerie mood which slowly takes off and explodes with the earth shaking track “Prophecy”, which showcases Halford’s signature ball breaking vocals and is stunning opener for the new album. The first disc comprises mostly of heavy and dark themes, such as war, death and conquest, with fast attacking music to deliver the assault.

The second disc however showcases a much more sombre and melodic tone with softer vocals, yet this mixture of light and dark can be seen throughout the entire album.

Judas Priest have far exceeded my expectations instrumentally and vocally on this album. It showcases the bands best work so far with additions of keyboards, strings and powerful choir vocals, while still keeping true the trademark Priest sound of blistering guitar work from both KK. Downing and Glenn Tipton, and thundering drums and bass work from Ian Hill and Scott Travis respectively.

Rob Halford has perfectly mixed a light and dark tone with both operatic and aggressive vocals to accompany the music. For someone of the ripe age of 56, there is no stopping his furious and dominating vocal range.

This is a quintessential Judas Priest album for any fan of heavy metal. 8.5/10

Band: Judas Priest
Album: Nostradamus
Year: 2008
Genre: Melodic Rock/Traditional Heavy Metal
Label: Sony BMG
Origin: United Kingdom

Track Listing:
Disc 1
1. Dawn of Creation
2. Prophecy
3. Awakening
4. The Four Horsemen
5. War
6. Sands of Time
7. Pestilence and Plaque <- reviewers choice
8. Death
9. Peace
10. Conquest
11. Lost Love
12. Persecution

Disc 2
1. Solitude
2. Exiled
3. Alone
4. Shadows In The Flame
5. Visions
6. Hope
7. New Beginnings
8. Calm Before The Storm
9. Nostradamus <- reviewers choice
10. Future of Mankind


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