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Album Reviews : Truth Corroded – Upon The Warlords Crawl

By on June 23, 2008

Truth Corroded’s third release heralds almost a coming of age for the band. After their two previous release showed signs of promise though were seen as sub par due to their song writing and production, the band has now capitalised on an improvement in these areas and has created a piece of work they can be truly proud of – Upon The Warlord’s Crawl.

The addition of drummer Liam Okninsky to the band’s ranks has paid dividends with one of the major notable aspects of the album being his powerful drumming throughout the whole 45 minutes of the album. With guitar solos throughout, matched with some catchy chorus hooks that work hand in hand with the riffing guitars, these Adelaide boys leave you with ‘stuck in your head’ material – I personally suffered a severe case of ‘Buried Alive By Demons’ chorus fever.

In fact the whole track ‘Buried Alive By Demons’ is in my opinion one of the best on the album. With a long build up, the song is met by quite an epic sounding track of effective simplicity often seen in tracks by Dark Tranquillity. Another highlight of the album is the song ‘Decimate’. A solid riffage attack complete with a nice with guitar solo, this song is perhaps the one that will confirm to you that the album is one that can be kept on solid rotation without you getting bored of it.

While generally I don’t like taking any focus away from the music, I simply must point out the artwork of the album. Going right throughout the booklet, the art created by vocalist Jason North goes hand in hand with the band’s social and political lyrics. With topical content ranging from religion, environmental issues, politics and the military industrial complex, Truth Corroded have shown themselves to be one of the forerunners in the Australian scene when it comes to lyrical content.

Overall, with its good production, catchy hooks and chorus’, Truth Corroded deliver 11 tracks of dominating thrash which offers the listener an unrelenting foray into the true world of thrash metal. 8/10

For fans of: Lamb of God, The Haunted, Testament.

Band: Truth Corroded
Album: Upon The Warlords Crawl
Year: 2008
Genre: Thrash
Label: Truth Inc Records
Origin: South Australia, Australia

Track Listing:
1. Crown The Apocalypse
2. The Immolation Seen
3. Salute the Horrors
4. Decimate
(Reviewers Choice)
5. Buried Alive By Demons
6. We Are Failed!
7. When God is Murder
8. (Dust)

9. The Waste That Is Their World
10. The Disfiguring
11. Despair Your Black Earth