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Album Reviews : Elysia – Lion of Judas

By on June 3, 2008

Elysia’s new album, ‘Lion of Judas’ is a triumphant return to the bands hardcore roots. The album showcases yet again the views of social and political agenda’s of the modern world through the youth of today. To some it may seem abit immature that someone so young is singing about womens rights, homophobia or political views, yet the screams from Zak Vargas ring true to the ever growing youth of today.

Whilst the album is labeled as a hardcore release, I can sense a ‘death metal’ feel in the album with its fast yet technical drumming of Steven Sessler, and the brutal vocal range of Zak Vargas. The album showcases a “balls to the wall” motif with its “short, fast, loud” approach to the listeners ears. You’ll rarely get a chance to rest as this album is not for the faint hearted.

The arrangement of the album suites the band’s sound well. The album just seems like one big song, with songs both starting and ending very quickly, with exceptions like, “Pride of Lion” and “Plague of Insects” that give the listener a chance to dwell on a much somber and melodic state.

The songs range heavily in social ideology, they give the listener the view point of how the youth sees the world today with many topics ranging from religion, war, depression, sexism and many other social and political view points of the world we live in today.

The album may seem very dark and bleak, but it gives the listener an insight to the young minds of today with its aggressive, yet open minded lyrics.

With the list of ever growing hardcore bands around today its hard to keep up with the ones that stand true in a sense of both musical and lyrical concepts. I for one am not a massive hardcore fan, but could easily just slip this into my CD player and enjoy it. The album boasts a decent production and has a great handful of songs for both hardcore and metal listeners alike.

If you love hardcore metal, you’ll easily enjoy this CD. While for many metal fans it may take afew spins in your CD player to get the same sense of satisfaction. 5.8/10

Band: Elysia
Album: Lion of Judas
Year: 2008
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Label: Ferret Music
Origin: USA

Track Listing:
1. Lack of Culture <- reviewers choice
2. Flood of Kings
3. Box of Need(les)
4. Crown of Thorns
5. Plague of Insects
6. Pride of Lions
7. Curse of God (part 1)
8. Fountain of Life (part 2)
9. Lion of Judas


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