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Album Reviews : Ilium – Vespertilion

By on June 2, 2008

Vespertilion is the third release of Newcastle melodic power metal band, Ilium. I’ve been a following these guys for the past couple of years and have eagerly been awaiting this new album. I know to some it may seem like a pretty low budget album at first, but the production work of the album showcases the bands raw energy and musicianship, so in a sense your getting a first hand listen to what the band would sound like live.

The bands musical and lyrical concepts have much improved from previous releases and most noticeably sees the introduction of Kaspar Dahlqvist (ex-Dionysus, ex-Stormwind) who adds a great tone and atmosphere with his keyboard work. Tim Yatras’ drum work fits the album perfectly with his melodic rock drumming, whilst the remaining members, Jason Hodges, Adam Smith and of course Lord Tim (Dungeon, LORD) all contribute a valiant effort and sound to the new album.

I can hear a much more sinister feel in the guitar work this time round, its alot more foreboding then the last release and I can defiantly hear some very somber and melon collie moments in the guitar work, most notably in ‘Black Abyss’ and ‘Desinence: Beowulf and the Serpent’, but then it picks up and becomes more fast and uplifting with songs such as ‘Solar Amplexus’ and ‘Romulus and Remus’. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride of listening pleasure as this album showcases the bands potential and musicianship in the ever growing Aussie power metal scene.

The bands lyrical content surrounds controversial themes such as religion, death, depression and or emptiness. The lyrics vary in concept, but will all have a profound impact on the listeners ears. This album has exceeded my first expectations, but there are moments when some of the songs seem a little dry and bland in comparison to the bands last release, ‘Permian Dusk’.

Whilst the album isn’t a full power house of production, it offers great insight and listening pleasure into the ever growing power metal scene in Australia. I’ve always thought that Australia has one of the best metal scenes in the world, next to Europe of course, but this album may not be for everyone taste.

All I can say is that if you love power metal as much as me you’ll easily fit into this albums form, but to some you may feel a slight sense of emptiness with its otherwise low production value. Its a great release from Ilium, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to further their Aussie metal collection or to any fan of melodic power metal music. 6.7/10

Band: Ilium
Album: Vespertilion
Year: 2007
Genre: Melodic Rock/Power Metal
Label: Just Say Rock Records
Origin: New South Wales, Australia

Track Listing:
1. Solar Amplexus
2. Undergods
3. Desinence: Beowulf and the Serpent
4. Drilling Through a Proton
5. Parasites in Calvary
6. Futility
7. Black Abyss <- reviewers choice
8. Beowulf: The Peroration
9. Vespertilion
10. Romulus and Remus


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