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Album Reviews : Robotosaurus – Sayra Bahk Vol 1 & 2

By on May 19, 2008

So I have come across a rather curious band by the name of Robotosaurus. Playing music deeply rooted in grind, but also taking ideas from Hardcore and Punk, the band has recorded 35 minutes spread over two EP’s – parts of which include kicks you in the face moments of circle pit brutality.

As part of a seemingly healthy grind scene in Adelaide, which also includes bands such as Captain Cleanoff and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Robotosaurus introduces a unique sound – basically some form of mixed up synthesised guitar sound that I’m pretty sure could be created with the aid of copious amounts of alcohol. Throw in some short sharp blast beats and experimental ‘noise’ – almost as if they played too much Nintendo 64 just prior to recording (ala Horse The Band). Though it works well, I think there is no doubt about that.

I find the fact the band split 35 minutes worth of material – which is all lyrically connected – a bit pointless. However grind fans will still find enjoyment out of these two seperate EPs. For myself, I know I much rather enjoy grind bands in a live environment, and Robotosaurus I think would be no exception. 6/10

Sounds like: Blood Duster meets Fuck…I’m Dead

Band: Robotosaurus
Album: Sayra Bahk Vol 1 and 2
Year: 2007
Genre: Grind
Label: Independant
Origin: South Australia, Australia

Track Listing:
Sayra Bahk Vol. 1 : Last Refuge of the Exiled Man
1. Last Refuge (Reviewers Choice)
2. Blood Trade
3. Contact
4. One Year
5. Forty Days
6. Turnover
7. Beneath The Fallen City
8. The Beast Upon The Children

Sayra Bahk Vol. 2 : Trifornais
1. The Skeletons of Civilisation
2. A Shadow Over Hope
3. The Swarm
4. Trifornais (Reviewers Choice)
5. No Refuge