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Album Reviews : Fear My Thoughts – Vulcanus

By on April 12, 2008

After just recording the band’s 5th full length album with producer Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Submission, Illdisposed), and their first with major indie label century Media, I had an interesting introduction to the band – directly from the band. On an overnight train trip into Germany a friend and I were chatting to these metal heads in our cabin, when the fact that they play in a band – Fear My Thoughts – came up in conversation.

Safe to say that at the first possible chance after the meeting I went and checked them out and somewhat to my surprise they are actually a pretty awesome band! Hailing from Freiburg in southern Germany, this Melodic Death Metal band with some modern metal influences have a top class sound going for them. Reminiscent of bands like Soilwork and At The Gates, Fear My Thought’s offer impressive musicianship, and much better production than any of their previous album – no doubt due to the financial backing of Century Media.

Aggressive yet keeping a melodic sense, each song on the album deserves its place. Quality riffs and solo’s keep the album interesting throughout with subtle keyboards also add an underlying layer of melody. And the band even risks a slower instrumental song halfway through the album. To me this move pays off as it gives the listener a break before kicking straight back into the death metal.

Fear My Thought’s will begin to become a major player within the European metal scene with the release of their new album which is due out sometime in mid to late 2008. Expect another quality album to sit alongside the classic Melodic Death bands of years past. 7/10

Band: Fear My Thoughts
Album: Vulcanus
Year: 2007
Genre: Metal/Death Metal/Hardcore
Label: Century Media
Origin: Germany

Track Listing:
1. Accompanied by Death
2. Blankness
3. Culture of Fear (Reviewers Choice)
4. Accelerate or Die
5. Stamp of Credence
6. Survival Scars
7. Vulcanus
8. Soul Consumer
9. Both Blood
10. Gates to Nowhere
11. Lost in Black
12. Wasteland