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Album Reviews : Figures – Figures EP

By on December 6, 2016

10458669_435412549993902_5069280069004852384_nI’m not sure if this band, or their fans, will actually appreciate such a close comparison to another band, and maybe this is faux pas for a reviewer. But just about everyone in the Aussie alt-rock scene misses The Butterfly Effect. Badly. Myself very much included. And if you do, check out Melbourne band Figures. It’ll be like coming home for you.

The resemblance comes across most strongly on the magnificent EP closer Emoticonic, which, far from being ‘just’ the best track on this EP, is way up there amongst the absolute best songs of 2016. By anyone. It so lives up to its name, it is a soaring, heavy, melodic powerhouse. Those exquisite harmonies in the chorus are pure TBE, and make the hairs fairly stand up on the back of your neck. I cannot stop listening to it.

All that said, they walk a very fine and skillful line between paying tribute to an influence and wearing it pretty boldly on their collective sleeve, whilst still forging forward and creating their own identity. And another strong point of difference is the fabulous voice of frontman Mark Tronson, which while not a million miles from the iconic vocal stylings of the great Clint Boge, is very much an instrument unto itself and makes a massive statement all of its own.

And hey, TBE were a fabulous and truly seminal band in the Aussie scene, so as long as it’s not a complete carbon copy (which it’s not), why not draw strong influence from them?

All comparisons aside now, the Figures EP is a mature, beautifully developed piece of art, especially for a debut, and displays mind boggling promise. This band is already in absolute command of its craft, and where they go next leaves me rabid with anticipation. The only disappointing thing about it is that its 17 minute length slides by way too quickly.

And live, they grow another set, and become a vicious, snarling, but melodic and ear pleasing beast of a band with an enormous tsunami of sound. It’s funny, I saw them live a few times (and they knocked my socks and shoes off every time), but it took me hearing the EP for me to recognise the TBE influence to its fullest extent.

This EP is way up there with the best releases of 2016. If you dig on and miss TBE, and love Aussie alt/prog acts such as Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus definitely grab this EP. Now.

And go see them live too. You will thank me. Click here to secure your copy today!


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