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Live Reviews : Ne Obliviscaris, Plini & Hollow World @ Max Watt’s, Melbourne 10/12/2015

By on December 11, 2015

Words: Dilini Fredrick

Images: Cameron Stewart

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Hollow World were up first. I imagine it must have been as daunting as Presland’s drum kit looming over Hollow World drummer Michael Hodgson’s comparatively smaller kit. But they took to it with gusto. There were no expectations of this band as an opener, but the sudden death metal blast was not what I expected/wanted as a support for the more progressive bands to follow. Hollow World recently supported At The Gates which was probably a more fitting band to support with their style of music. They were, however, polite. How can you refuse an invitation to approach the stage when vocalist Ben Roberts says “please”?

Plini took to the stage after much anticipation. They did satiate appetites for progressive riffs, interludes and just showing off their musical stuff. Which, as a purely instrumental band, they had plenty of. Plini (the man, as he revealed this was his name…O) amused the crowd in his own way with all the dry wit similar to that charming character, Daria out of…’Daria’. Even if he felt he wasn’t being genuine, the music spoke for itself by taking the listener into a spiral pit of the mind (he requested a circle pit, but he may have veiled that with sarcasm?) while their bodies remain transfixed by Plini’s mellow groove.

Four seasons have passed since Ne Obliviscaris have played on an Australian stage. They are as humble as ever. The only change being that they are more confident in their stage presence, but they brought the same ambience they have always had. Okay, mostly the interplay between Xen’s commanding presence and Tim’s energy that they have perfected while abroad.

Judging by the crowd, and many other shows I have been to, all Melbourne metal heads would have experienced Ne Obliviscaris more than once over the last ten or so years. So what can be said about their show? It has evolved into an unstoppable beast and is a more than sound representation of Australian talent. They play with intellect and finesse. The energy, especially during that bit of drum magic in ‘Pyrrhic’, cannot be explained. Just felt. Which I am sure many of you have and will continue to do.

Ne Obliviscaris hit Fowlers Live in Adelaide tonight, before wrapping up their ‘Return to the Citadel’ Australia tour tomorrow night at the Amplifier Bar in Perth. Grab your tickets now via Destroy All Lines.