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Album Reviews : Hybrid Nightmares – The Third Age

By on July 26, 2015

a2451550791_16We have reached a lull in the journey. When I say “lull”, I refer to a time of limbo, of great uncertainty. The tug and pull of one side over the other resumes and persists throughout this latest offering.

“One side over the other,” these “sides” represent ‘good’ and ‘evil’. But the point being if one side takes precedence over the other, it casts everything asunder because the balance is broken. For example if the vocals were to overtake the guitar, discordance ensue. As in more things than music, this balance is highly volatile.

Keeping true to their namesake, Hybrid Nightmares manage to create a world where story and music are the main co-habitants. The story (in this case, that conveyed by the vocals alone) remains uniform and steadfast. While the music reflects a fluid nature. These guttural emissions are woven into the music to perhaps even symbolise the ever present obelisk. The atmosphere created is palpable.

Although there are elements of the Norwegian Black Forest that hover menacingly over all songs, the effectiveness is dampened slightly as Australians who have never felt the dark majesty of European forests aren’t able to convey the emotion of these places. But, I do not think that’s what the Third Age is aiming to do. Hybrid Nightmares have created a fantasy epic through their music. This is a reflection of the climate of the scene. Instead of inspiring more of the same, they have taken it and made it their own. And in doing so, helping along the changing perception of metalheads; where intellect and talent are paramount. Where is Heavy Metal going? Anywhere.

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